Veterinary Staff

Meet the Camelot Court Animal Clinic staff

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Sadie - Practice Manager

Sadie joined Camelot Court Animal Clinic in 2009 starting in the kennel staff area. She expanded her role in the clinic by assisting veterinarians, helping clients at the front desk, staff management and animal grooming. Sadie has always been an animal lover and feels right at home at Camelot Court.

Outside of Camelot Court, Sadie enjoys spending time with her family including her great Pyrenees puppy named Sawyer. She also enjoys being outdoors, cooking, and listening to music.

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Lori - Registered Veterinary Technician and Accounts Manager

Lori began working at Camelot Court Animal Clinic in 2001. Her duties include the triage of cases that come in over the phone and making sure clients understand their visit, in addition to veterinary technician duties. Lori takes pride in providing excellent customer service to pets and their owners.

"I was originally a client and Dr. Dinge took great care of my animals, so when I decided to change professions, I went to vet tech school and went to work at Camelot Court Animal Clinic."

Lori has a Bachelor Degree in psychology with a business administration minor and an Associate Degree of Science in Veterinary Medicine. She is a registered veterinary technician in Kansas and Missouri.

At home, Lori has two cats: an 11-year-old orange tabby named Riley and a 2-year-old Maine Coon mix named Rex. When she's not working, she enjoys making jewelry, refinishing furniture and baking.

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Andrea - Registered Veterinary Technician

Andrea joined the Camelot Court Animal Clinic team in 2009. As a reigstered veterinary technician, her responsibilities include running diagnostic tests, performing radiographs, filling medications and assisting with appointments.

Her compassionate nature lends well to her position at the hospital where she takes pride in making a difference in the lives of pets.

"I like working here because we practice good medicine and have some of the best diagnostic tools," she says.

Andrea holds associate degrees in general education and massage therapy, as well as an associate degree in applied sciences from Metropolitan Community College, Maple Woods campus.

At home, she has a 10-year-old Siberian Husky named Maverick, a 10-year-old Alaskan Malamute named Jude, an 8-year-old cat named Orion and a 6-year-old cat named Lynx. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, reading, gardening, attending Sporting Kansas City soccer games, fishing and finding any excuse to go outside and have fun. She also loves to watch horror and comedy films.

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Jennifer - Registered Veterinary Technician

Jennifer brings 18 years of pet care experience as a registered veterinary technician to the Camelot Court Animal Clinic team. Her duties include patient care and nursing, surgery preparation, anesthesia and client communication.

Jennifer graduated from Metropolitan Community College, Maple Woods with an Associate Degree in Applied Science, Veterinary Technology in 2005.

"I bring a sense of humor (just ask any of my co-workers) or silliness that can brighten some days," she says. In addition, Jennifer brings compassion to pets and their owners, especially enjoying the patient care aspect of her position at the clinic.

At home, Jennifer has one dog; a 10-month-old red cattle mix named Sandie. When she's not at work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves shopping, swimming and being outside. Jennifer is also a self-proclaimed car enthusiast.

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Laura - Registered Veterinary Technician

Laura has been a dedicated team member of Camelot Court Animal Clinic since 2013. As a registered veterinary technician, her responsibilities include assisting the doctors with appointments and surgeries, patient care, client relations, helping with drug studies and performing cardiac and abdominal ultrasound.

Laura has a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and she received her Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology at Metropolitan Community College, Maple Woods in 2009. Laura is a registered veterinary technician in Kansas.

"I enjoy working at Camelot Court Animal Clinic because it is a very progressive clinic, always striving to achieve the best patient care," she says. Laura particularly enjoys all aspects of patient care, in addition to assisting in surgery and performing ultrasound. She says, "I strive to maintain a superb work ethic and give 100 percent to everything I'm asked to do."

At home, Laura has five cats and four dogs. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, baking, crocheting, target shooting, listening to music, reading, being outdoors and riding her dirt bike.

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Paula - Veterinary Technician

Paula Kowalski joined the veterinary technician team at Camelot Court Animal Clinic in September 2001. Her job responsibilities include general nursing care, assisting during surgery, performing dental exams, anesthesia monitoring, assisting with administrative duties as well as medical supply ordering. Her favorite part of the job is general nursing care and assisting in surgery. Paula is self-described as compassionate, and she is proficient in all areas of the clinic.

"I feel that we practice the best and most innovative medicine," Paula says. "I have worked here for 15 years and enjoy the bonds I've created with clients, patients and colleagues."

At home, Paula has a 15-year-old lab mix named Rocky, two 6-year-old domestic shorthair littermates named Rod and Reel, a 2-year-old domestic shorthair named Hazel, a 17-year-old domestic shorthair named Rodgers and two crested geckos named Buddy and Amber. In her free time, Paula enjoys reading fiction and nonfiction, watching movies and traveling—especially to a beach, where she feels most at peace.

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Sarah - Registered Veterinary Technician

Sarah joined the veterinary technician team at Camelot Court Animal Clinic in August 2012. Her responsibilities include patient handling and restraint, patient care and nursing, anesthesia and assisting during surgery. Her favorite part of the job is nursing and patient care. Sarah adds a knowledge of emergency situations and a directness during these critical situations to her role.

"This is another family to me," Sarah says. "I enjoy working at Camelot Court Animal Clinic because of I love the passion that my coworkers have for their jobs, the animals they care for, and for one another."

Sarah has an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology and is a Nationally Certified Veterinary Technician. She also holds an Associate Degree in General Studies, General Sciences and Liberal Arts.

At home, Sarah has a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd named Ellie and an 8-year-old Shih Tzu named Murphy. She enjoys family time, reading, fishing and crafting.

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Shontá - Registered Veterinary Technician

Shontá joined the staff at Camelot Court Animal Clinic in September 2008. As a veterinary technician, she is responsible for preparing patients for surgery, monitoring anesthesia, collecting blood and urine samples, administering medications, diagnostic imaging, performing ultrasound and client education. Shontá is always optimistic, and comes into work expecting to have a great day. Her favorite part of her job is surgery, and an ideal day for her would be spent in surgery from open to close.

Before becoming a registered veterinary assistant, Shontá earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from University of Missouri. She earned her Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology from Brown Mackie College and is a registered veterinary technician in the state of Kansas.

"I really enjoy the people I work with," Shontá says."Everyone gets along really well together, and we work well as a team. I also enjoy the fast pace of the clinic, the quality medicine we provide and the compassion everyone has for the patients."

At home, Shontá has a Shih Tzu named Trinity Rose and a Yorkie named Tony. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching movies, going out to eat, traveling, watching comedy shows, traveling, seeing plays and Broadway shows, baseball and football games…oh, and traveling!

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Tijana - Registered Veterinary Technician

Tijana joined the medical team at Camelot Court Animal Clinic in September 2014. As a veterinary technician, she is responsible for veterinary nursing, monitoring anesthesia, performing lab work and assisting during surgery. Tijana's favorite part of the job is helping animals while assisting owners in learning more about their pet's health. Tijana has an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology from Brown Mackie College. Prior to working with Camelot Court, she worked for an equine vet. She is a nationally licensed veterinary technician, and is licensed and registered in the state of Kansas.

"I love my coworkers," Tijana says. "They are always helpful and willing to teach and help out. I also love working here because Dr. Dinges has been my family's vet since I was a kid."

At home, Tijana has a Chow/German Shepherd mix named Dakota, a German Shepherd named Frankie, a bird dog mix named Jenna, a Warmblood/draft cross horse named Huey, an Oldenburg Warmblood horse named Fiona and a Oldenburg/Warmblood horse named Q. In her free time, Tijana enjoys spending time with her friends, relaxing and being with her animals.

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Maggie - Veterinary Assistant

Maggie has been part of the Camelot Court Animal Clinic team since 2013. Her duties include making sure the doctors have what they need for appointments, staying on top of invoicing and taking care of the clinic's patients.

Patient care is a high priority to Maggie. She takes pride in ensuring all of the clinic's patients are happy, eating well and are comfortable in their surroundings.

At home, Maggie has several pets at home including Tiny, a Pitbull mix; Rouge, a hound mix; Snickers, a mini poodle; and five cats named Rascal, Mickey, Grutta, Good Gooby and Naughty Gooby. Maggie is devoted to her animals and tries loves to take them with her when she can, even on long walks. She also enjoys fishing and antique shopping with her mother.

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Tristan - Veterinary Assistant

Tristan has been a member of the Camelot Court Animal Clinic team since 2010. His duties as veterinary technician include treating and caring for patients, assisting with appointments, preparing patients for and monitoring patients during surgery and cleaning around the clinic.

"I enjoy working in a progressive facility with leading edge technologies and techniques," Tristan says. "I appreciate being a part of a team that always puts clients and their pets first."

Tristan has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, an Associate Degree of Science and is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technology program at Metropolitan Community College, Maple Woods where he plans to graduate in 2017. At home, Tristan has four dogs and five cats.

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Kaylee - Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Kaylee Brown joined the team in February 2019. She brings a positive attitude and willingness to help wherever needed to the team. Her duties include assisting Doctors and Technicians with appointments when needed.

"Working here is by far the best work environment I've been in; everyone here has played a hand in teaching & helping me through the learning process."

At home, Kaylee has 4 pets - a Golden Retriever named saddie, a Yorkie named Jax, a Terrier mix named Sissy and a Lab named Grace. When not at work, she says her "life revoles around her dogs" and she also dog sits!

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Jasmine - Receptionist

Jasmine has been part of the Camelot Court Animal Clinic team since 2016. As a veterinary receptionist, some of Jasmine’s duties include greeting our patients, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, and lending a helping hand to both our team and patients as needed. The best part of her job is getting to know/forming relationships with pet parents and bonding with all the animals.

“I love the bond between myself and my coworkers. We are just like family and always have a great time inside and outside of work,” Jasmine says. “We have a great boss and great clients who truly care about their fur kids.”

At home, Jasmine has an 8-year-old mini Aussie named Otto, a toy Poodle named Opie, and a 14-pound black cat named Ollie. Outside of work, she’s a pet/house sitter where she’s able to love and spoil other people’s pets while they’re away from home. She also enjoys doing pet-friendly activities with her dogs as much as possible. During her free time, Jasmine likes to hang out with her husband and their pets, going to concerts, singing, and relieving stress at the gym.

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Madison - Receptionist

Madison is receptionist at Camelot Court Animal Clinic who joined our team in January 2017. She’s responsible for making sure the clinic runs smoothly. “People can count on me to follow through and do my job to the best of my ability. I also have a fun personality.”

The best part of her job is getting to interact with all of the animals. When she’s not working, she likes to go on walks with her two-year-old dog Winnie. At home she also has two cats, Carmel who is four and Oreo who is three.

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Molly - Receptionist

Molly began working as a receptionist at Camelot Court Animal clinic in July 2016. While her primary role is our Receptionist, she also organizes our staff birthday parties and processes insurance. Some of her duties include: filing insurance claims, scheduling appointments, planning gifts for coworkers birthday and answering phones. She is a graduate of Pittsburg State University.

Molly prides herself on being a hard worker and maintaining a positive attitude. The parts of her job she most enjoys are forming bonds with our clients / patients and meeting new people / pets.

When not at the office, she enjoys cooking, working out, pet sitting, walking her dog, Slim, and spending time with her niece, Bella.

At home, Molly has several pets including: Slim Thug, a lab mix, Little Bit, a Jack Russell, and two cats - Tabatha and Oatmeal.